Saturday, 2 April 2011

AND THE WINNER DRAWN BY WREN IS...............................................NO.13!!! LOL!!!

I got Wren to click the button and she drew No.13!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Lynne!!! And they say No.13 is unlucky. Hehe.

Thankyou to everyone who donated you're all amazing so Wren and I are sending you all a HUGE HUG!!! Together you all raised $250, all has been sent to Japan, below is a pic of the receipt. I was so excited and Wren kept asking me what shes won and I kept laughing!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Goldie-Tastic Hairclip set for Japan.

So yes I set this rather terrible Blog up for my Raffle to help Japan. I'm sorry I was so useless at making it! Lol!

Here we have:

No.74- The Goldie Clip AKA The Queen Goldie Clip.

Hot pink Marabou feathers, Guinea Fowl feathers, pink velvet ribbon bow, heart button, red enamel heart and key charms and black millinery netting on orange felt with a wee clip.

No.75- I Love My Goldie and Bow to the Queen AKA I Belong to a Goldie.
Hot pink Marabou feathers, Guinea Fowl feather, pink velvet ribbon bow, leaf and love charms and black millinery netting on pink felt with a Gold clip.

The Raffle is for both Hairclippies, a double Goldie-tastic set! (Not Pen the crazy Blythe doll)

UPDATE: The winner of the draw will also receive the Black Butler 4 book in English from the Kuroshitsuji manga series donated by Kwong! It's amazing and set in England, plus it features Sebastian the hot butler Pen has a thing for!!!

All ticket sales will be going here:

I will send ALL proceeds to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund via All 50 tickets sold will mean an awesome donation of $250.

Cost: $5 each
Number of tickets: 50
Maximum of tickets: 5 per person
Numbers: allocated as you pay
Method of payment – Paypal (please pay as a gift to ensure as much money as possible goes to help our friends in Japan)

Once tickets are all sold I will announce when I draw the winning ticket! I will use The clippies will arrive to the winner specially wrapped with lots of ribbon.

Please email me at to purchase tickets or for info! Thankyou so much everyone who is taking part! Pen will love you forever.

Ticket Donations:

1. Maggie
2. Julie
3. Ester
4. Ester
5. Mel
6. Linda
7. Linda
8. Jo
9. Camilla
10. Camilla
11. Roz
12. Roz
13. Lynne
14. Lynne
15. Hong
16. Hong
17. Hong
18. Philip
19. Au
20. Au
21. Vanessa
22. Ole
23. Ole
24. Katie
25. Irene
26. Irene
27. Judy
28. Helen
29. Helen
30. Helen
31. Helen
32. Helen
33. Helen
34. Clare
35. Clare
36. Katie
37. Sarah
38. Fanny
39. Fanny
40. Kristine
41. Kristine
42. Roz
43. Roz
44. Roz
45. Roz
46. Ruth
47. Ruth
48. Ruth
49. Hej
50. Hej